For the course ‘The CEFR in context’ at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, that I taught together with Dr Audrey Rousse-Malpat, the MA students Amarins Jager, Michelle Leegsma and Laura Polman interviewed three experts on the CEFR – not just experts but its founders.
‘It becomes increasingly difficult to ignore the influence of the diverse linguistic repertoires of second and foreign language learners. We therefore, delve deeper into the influence of plurilingualism on the educational system and how the in the CEFR presented and in the Companion Volume further elaborated concept of mediation can accompany not only teachers but also learners in their learning process.’

Listen to the insights of
Piet van Avermaet:…A9DE-61C894A0A6B4
Brian North:
Enrica Piccardo:…_Piccardo.html

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