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About the show

Je suis #profdeFLE is a podcast on the didactics of French as a foreign language which brings you up to date on the latest developments in research on various topics related to language teaching!

The presenter

Audrey Rousse-Malpat

Assistant Professor of Language Learning at the Faculty of Arts

University of Groningen, Netherlands

The concept

In each episode, I discuss with an expert in language learning and teaching on a specific topic. In each episode, I discuss in French with an expert in language didactics a topic relevant to teachers. My guest and I discuss what research has found on topics such as pronunciation, virtual exchange or the use of the target language in the classroom. Listen to this podcast during a nice walk and feel free to ask your questions on our next episode on the site!

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Episode 6: Decolonization in the language classroom with Claire Kramsch


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Episode 5: Flow in second language learning with Jean-Marc Dewaele

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In this episode, I talk to Gregory Miras from the University of Rouen Normandie about pronunciation. We go over several misconceptions about accents, the development of pronunciation in learners…

In this episode, I talk to Marco Cappellini from the University of Aix-Marseille about virtual exchanges in the  We present the different types of exchanges that exist and their characteristics…

In this episode, I talk with Charline Rouffet, teacher trainer at the Hogeschool Utrecht and PhD student in language teaching. We talk about formative assessment of productive skills…

In this episode, I talk with Emmanuelle le Pichon-Vorstman after the publication of her new book co-authored with Nathalie Auger “Défis et richesses des classes multilingues”. Together we talk about inclusiveness…

In this episode, I discuss with Prof. Jean-Marc Dewaele from Birkbeck University in London the concept of “flow” and its role in learning a foreign language. Flow is a mental state of concentration…

Episode 6: Decolonization in the language classroom with Claire Kramsch

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Rousse-Malpat, A. (Host). (2022, February 17). La didactique de la prononciation avec Grégory Miras [Episode 1]. In Je suis #profdeFLE. University of Groningen. Consulted on [date of consultation], from www.rug.nl/let/jesuisprofdefle