Poster presentations about documentaries (German History) – German department

Task’s description
Poster presentations about documentaries  (an episode of own choice from the documentary series ZDF – Die Deutschen about the German history)
Context: Selected episodes of the series were discussed during the course in the group collectively. In the last week students choose one of the episodes not discussed in the group.  
Specific LOs (Learning Outcomes) and/or goals of the task.
Sequencing the task
Before the task
Watch the selected episode and summarize the most important content of a documentary in a poster. Use and highlight in the poster important words and expressions for this topic, explain in your poster presentations words and expressions that could be new to your classmates. Use in your poster one quote from the film that is important for understanding of the content of the film. Prepare 5 quiz questions to control and summarize the understanding of the most important information and expressions of your poster presentation.
During the task
During/ in-class:
Poster presentations (with questions and quiz) in groups of three in several rounds
Every student gathers information about different episodes in an overview table  
Repeated rounds of group work until everyone has gathered information about every (if possible) episode
Evaluation of the activity: What episodes were the most interesting? Why? What new words and expressions did students learn during the activity? How do the episodes relate to each other? What are the central themes of the series as a whole? How can this episode help us to understand current society and politics in Germany?
After the task
–   Upload your poster on Nestor
–   Write an essay about the episode you have chosen and answer the following question in it: “How can the knowledge about this historic period help us to understand current society, politics and culture in Germany?
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