Preparing for an interview with a native speaker (Russian department)

Task’s description
This task is developed for A2/B1 learners to learn about Gorbachev’s reforms and prepare for an interview with a native speaker.
Specific LOs (Learning Outcomes) and/or goals of the task.
– Learn about Perestoika
– Extract essential information from authentic texts and pictures
– Formulate questions
Sequencing the task
Before the task
Class work, time: 15 minutes
1. Students discuss two statements and make predictions if the statements are true or false:
2. Teacher shows the picture and tells the story, so students can decide if their predictions were right.
During the task
1. Individual work, time: 10 minutes
Students work with the pictures and captions from the news website RIA Novosti to find out about the unusual western service, queues and prices. Students are provided with the questions.
2. Group work, time: 10 minutes
Students discuss answers and make a list of 5 questions that they can ask about McDonalds in the USSR  and one’s personal experience with the fast-food restaurant.  
3. Group work, time: 10 minutes
Students exchange their questions with another group, discuss their peers’ questions and report their findings to the group whose questions they answered.
4. Group work, time: 5 minutes
Students work in groups to decide what a new text will be about. Students receive a list of the phrases that can give a clue about the text.
5. Individual work, time: 15 minutes
Students read the text and match the phrases from the previous activity with the abstracts of the text. Not all phrases should be used. Students check the answers after finishing the task.
6. Class work, time: 15 minutes
Students recycle the previous text and play the game called Activity. The words/phrases should be conveyed by drawing, presenting or describing and should be guessed by the other players. If a word has to be drawn, it must neither be spoken nor gesticulated. The drawing may contain neither letters nor numbers.
After the task
1. Reading task
Students read an extract from the book Second-hand Time by S. Alexievich and find the answers to the questions.  
2. Preparation for a real-world task/interview 
Students make a list of 5 questions they would like to ask a person born in the USSR. They publish their questions in the Google document. During our next class they are going to choose the best questions and discuss how they are going to interview people born in the USSR.
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