Alimentazione sostenibile – Sustainable food choices – Italian department

Task’s description
The aim of the task is to write a collaborative proposal for a more sustainable choice of food. This task is meant for students of the course Italian 2b (aimed at B1 level). The final stages of the task include peer review and individual reflection on own work.
Specific LOs (Learning Outcomes) and/or goals of the task.
Learning relevant vocabulary.
Understanding and analysing the content of articles on food choices, and a video on biodiversity.
Using appropriate instruments and resources, searching relevant information related to the Slow Food movement and other sources.
Discussing and presenting material with critical reflection.
Agreeing on the product to be presented.
Reflecting on the product of other students (short discussion and peer review), evaluating the task and reflecting on learning outcomes.
Collaborating in small groups and organising the work in a balanced way.
Keeping to deadlines.
Sequencing the task
Before the task
Students are provided in advance with a vocabulary list (on Quizlet), with relevant words/expressions on the topic of food choices and biodiversity.
For the preparation of the seminar discussion, students carry out the following activities:
1. They read an article on flexitarianism and an article on terminology related to food choices, and prepare on the provided questions.
2. They watch an interactive video (H5P) on biodiversity.
3. They research relevant information related to the Slow Food movement.
During the seminar the material is being discussed; the teacher provides further information on the topic and instruction on how to structure the collaborative proposal and the peer review.
During the task
Students will form pairs to work on the proposal. They will also agree beforehand on the peer review groups. This shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. 
The proposal will be written on a Google Doc and uploaded on the shared folder of the course. 
The proposal will be structured as followed:
1. Brief introduction with outline of the main points that will be covered.
2. Analysis of the material and sources prepared and discussed in the previous seminar.
3. Own proposal with focus on the following aspects: local culinary cultures, biodiversity and environmental impact, social life.
4. Conclusion with personal opinion.
After the task
Peer review and discussion
During the following seminar students will give peer review, based on the groups formed beforehand. These will be the main aspects to discuss: content, structure of the product, cohesion.
In the discussion in plenum with the teacher, students will highlight the most relevant points of the group discussions; they will also indicate which aspects of the other proposal they find particularly interesting.

Evaluation and reflection
In the weekly journal students will reflect on the task, focusing on positive aspects and points of improvement, in relation both to the task and the individual learning curve.
Additional comments
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