Politica e quotidiani – presentation on national newspapers – Italian department

Task’s description
The aim of the task is to give a short presentation on a national newspaper, which includes a description of the historical background and the political orientation, and the analysis of recent news. The presentation is then followed by a group discussion.
Specific LOs (Learning Outcomes) and/or goals of the task.
Learning relevant vocabulary.
Applying knowledge related to information on national politics.
Analysing the content of news, related to topics on which students already have some background knowledge.
Presenting material with critical reflection.
Reflecting on the analysis of other students (short discussion) and evaluating the task.
Using appropriate instruments and resources, searching relevant material and sources.
Collaborating in small groups and organising the work in a balanced way.
Keeping to deadlines.
Sequencing the task
Before the task
Students are provided in advance with a vocabulary list (on Quizlet), with relevant words/expressions on the topic of national politics and the selected newspaper articles.
For the preparation of the seminar discussion, students are asked to research relevant information related to the national political system (historical background and actual situation), which is then discussed in class with the teacher.
During the seminar, the teacher gives further information related to the political system (including political orientation of parties) and national newspapers.
The teacher furthermore provides articles taken from different national newspapers (with different political orientation). The topic and focus on the news will be the same.
During the task
Students will work in pairs on the structure of the presentation. Together they will research relevant information on one of the newspapers from which the news has been selected (in groups of four, students agree beforehand on the selection of the newspaper, with guidelines from the teacher).
Students will then analyse the articles they read, focusing on relevant differences (delivery of the content, language use)

The group presentation will be structured as follows:
1. Introduction of the chosen newspaper, with relevant information on the historical background, diffusion and political orientation.
2. Analysis of the news and point of view of the author, with focus on relevant differences with other articles read.
3. Conclusion with personal reflection and opinion.

Students will collaborate on the presentation using Google Slides.
Students will present their product during the following seminar.
After the task
A short discussion in groups of four will follow. There will be two rounds, in which students will reflect on the analysis given by other pairs.
In the discussion in plenum with the teacher, students will highlight the most relevant points of the group discussions.

Evaluation and reflection
In the weekly journal students will reflect on the task, focusing on positive aspects and points of improvement, in relation both to the task and the individual learning curve.
Additional comments
Resources: Google Slides, Journal on Nestor
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