VLOG – remembering complicated relationships – Spanish department

Task’s description
The task consists of a video forum in which students can talk about relationships that they had in the past. They can relate to each other’s experiences, get to know each other better and find points in common.
Flipgrid.com, Blackboard Collaborate, Textbook “Gente Hoy 3”
Specific LOs (Learning Outcomes) and/or goals of the task.
Describe in video format past experiences and narrate events in the past
Describe in video format how others made him/her feel
Assess a past period of his/her life 
Relate to other’s experiences
Sequencing the task
Before the task
In previous activities, students have listened to examples of people talking about past relationships that didn’t work out. They take this as an example.
During the task
Before the seminar: Students create a VLOG about a relationship they had in the past (room-mate, partner, friend, etc.) and post on a Flipgrid that the teacher has created for their group. Each student describes a past relationship, describes how others made him/her feel and assesses that period of his/her life or that relationship as a whole.
Before the seminar: Students have to watch all the videos and comment on 2 of them who still have not been commented on by others. In the comments they can relate to the other’s experience and share similar experiences.
During the seminar: In small groups, students comment on what they have prepared (compare their experience with their classmates’ and find points in common).
After the task
In the next seminar students summarize  the main findings of the conversation with fellow students.
The teacher briefly sends individualized feedback about each student performance on the Vlog.
Additional comments
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