Category: 75-90 min

Nominatie van een film – Dutch department

This task consists of a series of tasks in which students are introduced to different films. All films are approached from different angles. Students are expected to study these different angles in order to read and appreciate reviews about the films, after which they are invited to watch the films themselves. In the end they need to discuss if the film will be nominated for a festival based on a set of criteria. Each student needs to write a report, which will be evaluated and assessed by the teacher.

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Media Diary – Swedish department

Student picks a Swedish/target language source for the media diary (can choose freely as long as the language is Swedish/target language, films, series, podcasts etc.), should last an hour.
Writes a resumé over the consumed material, in form of a review and express their opinion, can be critical and reflective as well but doesn’t have to be.

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